6 Tools You Need to Become a Cannabis Gardener

It’s not surprising if you’re interested in growing cannabis because the plant is unique and you can acquire higher quality cbd gummies when you grow your own. But, you need to have these gardening tools and materials to make it easier for you to plant them and enjoy abundant yields.

Continue reading to know the right tools to be a cannabis gardener.


You shouldn’t mistake the function of this tool for a shovel. You can better think of it as a knife. A garden spade is your must-have tool if you have stony soil.

It can also be used in landscaping your garden, edging or shaping your cannabis plant beds, and cutting grass. Other tools that can be useful for gardening cannabis are trowels and soil scoops for pot plants.


You will find a pruner very useful in the entire lifecycle of a cannabis plant. This is very helpful when you prune and trim your plants.


Gloves are a must to protect your hands from the sharp elements of the earth. These also give ample UVB protection.


You don’t need a lot of tools to start cannabis gardening. However, you need much compost to ensure the health of your soil.

A compost is simply a pile of organic matter. You have to know how to make it so that you can better control consumption and make the best use of organic matter.

You can also utilize seaweed derivatives if you want extra tilth to your soil. You can incorporate seaweed in your compost for additional micronutrients.


Mulch is important especially if you live in a hot area. Aside from that, it helps in retaining moisture and providing a good environment for microbes. If you place mulch on the soil, the microbes will move below the surface where three are denser root zones of plants.

Microbes and fungi won’t survive if there’s no moisture, heat, and healthy elements to produce the food they need. If there isn’t enough food, these microbes and fungi won’t be able to provide nutrients for your plants.

You can also cover your garden using barley mulch, mulched leaves, organic straw, and aged wood chips.

Automatic pH Readers

Knowing the pH of your soil can be beneficial in harvesting healthy yields. That’s why it’s important to prioritize this. Most gardeners take this for granted since it’s troublesome. You need to mix soil and work with testing trips which can be tiresome and messy.

But, you don’t need to deal with this when you have an automatic pH reader. There’s no complicated setup needed since you just slip it into the soil and get results.

These tools can help improve your cannabis output. The right basic tools can also help you have quality crops in the growing season. Upgrading your gardening inventory with these tools is a great investment.

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