Maintenance Rentals for Overseeders and Grass Seeders Equipment

If you have a new lawn, save the money you’ve worked hard for by working on your own lawn. Do this by preparing and planting seeds in your area.

Overseeder Rental

Rent and use walk-behind equipment for small lawns

Rent and use a 48” and 72” equipment that has a compact tractor

With $999 you can successfully seed your ½ Acre Lawn. Save more by purchasing our top-quality lawn seeds, and we also sell fertilizer. Find everything you need here at Heart Salvage.

Lawn Equipment Used for Preparation

Here are the basic equipment used in preparation for seeding:

  • 3PH and Skid Steer Mount Harley Power Rakes
  • 3PH Mount Landscape Rake
  • 3PH Mount with up to 81” Width Rototillers
  • Up to 45 3PH and PTO Compact Tractors with High Flotation Tires
  • 3PH Mount and 50” Width Compact Disk
  • 3PH Mount and 5” Width Box Scrapers
  • 27 cubic foot Tow Behind Top Dresser
  • Skid Steer Mount Rock Picker
  • Sod Cutters
  • The following are the necessary lawn equipment for Maintenance:
  • 3PH Mount 4’ Width Landpride Overseeders
  • Walk-Behind Overseeders by Gandy and Ryan
  • 3PH Walk Behind/Tow Behind plus Core and Knife Aerators
  • Lawn Vacuum
  • Fertilizer Spreaders
  • 60” Deck Garden Tractor
  • Thatchers
  • Pushmowers
  • Up to 8’ Rotatory Cutters
  • 3PH Mount 7’ Finishing Mower
  • Tow-Behind at 27 Cubic Foot Top Dresser
  • Pull Type, Walk Behind, and Ride On Lawn Rollers
  • The following are equipment used for lawn seeding:
  • 3PH Mount up to 6’ Width Precision Seeders by Brillion
  • 3PH Mount up to 10’ Width Seeder for Large Areas by Landpride
  • 3PH Mount up to 4’ Width Overseeder by Landpride
  • Walk-Behind Overseeders by Gandy and Ryan